Arta Khallagh Asia LLC is an international company with Iranian origins in the field of natural stone Industry. ARTA is specialized in the production and exporting of Iranian natural stones such as Onyx, Travertine, Marble, and Limestone. ARTA is able to offer an extensive range of superb and exquisite natural stone products and guarantees the supply of materials with high quality for your projects at the best prices. We would like to invite you to be more familiar with our company's products and activity by visiting our website.

Botticino Marble Block
Imperial Cream Marble Block
Smoky Onyx Slab
Golden Black Marble Slab
Botticino Marble Slab
Imperial Cream Marble Slab
Pietra Grey Marble Block
Pietra Grey  Marble Slab
Walnut Travertine Slab
Gohare Limestone Block
Gohare Limestone Slab
Yellow Travertine Slab
Yellow Travertine Block
Red Travertine Slab
Silver Travertine Slab
Silver Travertine Block