As you know, stones are understood as a hard natural element. But, they travel hundreds of kilometers through rough condition in seas or ground paths. Hence it is essential that they are securely packed to surpass all the harsh treatment. Packing is a most important issue in natural stone exporting. We recognize that without proper packing methods, our materials cannot be delivered at our clients’ destination. In fact, we understand that the cost of packing is minimal against the cost of stones and customer satisfaction. Our quality of packing directly reflects the quality of stones we produce ARTA seriously considers that the quality of packing is as important as the quality of product. In fact, we never ever tried to save cost on wood or other packing materials so that your stone products reach you without any hassle, breakage or scratches. All the packing process is done under the supervision of experienced staff and only quality material is employed for the purpose.

ARTA packs natural stone tiles in wooden crates or pallets with good quality, chemically treated seasoned wood as per the International regulations. The crates, pallets and containers are being fumigated before dispatch as per International Fumigation Standards. The wooden crates are resistant and good for resell. Also, they are prepared for fast load and unload process. Tiles in the crates or slabs in the bundle/pallets are tightly compressed. We put a plastic sheet between each tile and slab to avoid friction during the transmission. Any loose gaps are tightened with filling material like wood, hardboard, foam sheet, etc to protect stone slabs/tiles from colliding with each other.

We patch a production log over all crates or pallet that include information about name of the material, number of pieces, surface finishing of the material, size and thickness of the materials, total surface and weight and quality control testimony. ARTA continuously strives to further improve our packaging methods as we learn from our customers. We welcome feedback from all customers. Therefore, if the customer has anything more specific, regarding the packaging of the natural stones, then your instructions are most welcome.

Slab Packing

As per international norms, we pack our stone slab in directly iron pallet, each slab is to be separated individually by plastic sheets to protect against scratches. Slabs in the pallet are tightly compressed. You can see in sliding show.




Tile Packing

As per international norms, we pack our stone tiles directly in fumigated wooden crates; each tile is to be separated by soft paper strips which will avoid friction during the transit. We put a polythene sheet as a cover on each wooden crate or pallet and then we tight each wooden crate with the iron or plastic strip. Inside the container the wooden crates are being tightly fastened to each other so that they cannot move or shift. You can see in sliding show.