Quality Control

We are a customer oriented company, committed to maximum satisfaction of our clients, importance to transparency, respecting our relationship with clients and trust & reliability give pleasant and hassle-free business experience.

The process of quality control of our products begins in the quarry itself where is the extraction of stone blocks, where we select the best to suit the needs of our customers. In the transformation process, we inspect the plates we get from the blocks, cut to size and calibration of equipment, as well as finishing, discarding the material that does not meet the expectations set. We pack the material in wooden crates that meet all required standards by the destination country. For transportation to the destination we rely on a logistics system that fits in every moment to requested delivery times. In fact, State of the art machinery and technology is used by highly skilled employees to ensure every possible finish and texture of natural stone is as ordered. This high level of control allows us to maintain the highest quality standards while at the same time ensuring timely delivery and competitive pricing.

Regular stone inspections by our Quality Inspectors at critical production points are crucial to our quality control process.

  • Check color, dimension and finish (Absolute attention to detail)
  • Review all pieces (Slabs or Tiles) before packing and shipping

Also, we would like to be an environmental advocate. In other word, besides the management and quality control processes our concern with the environment is also part of our principles. We have adopted a set of techniques and procedures that allow us to be an ecological and environment friendly company.

Finally, we don’t want our customers to be unsatisfied with our work. In one word, our ultimate objective is to always put our client’s needs first.